The Most Beautiful Woman (Movie Review)

In this amazing movie, Angelina Jolie is the most delightful woman in the world, a multi-millionaire with a million-dollar empire. When ever she accepts a multimillionaire’s challenge to marry him without enduring a traditional marriage, she ideas to have the most beautiful wedding ever. But when her husband refuses to let her marry him alone, she gets irritated and unstable, but with the help of her new friend Debra (Annette Benning), she decides to have the wedding party she generally dreamed of. Though she has been independent, this chance to become part of something greater will change her life permanently. Angelina Jolie’s character is a memorable and strong central persona, while Debra’s personality, played by simply Julia Roberts, gives the video its very best strength.

The Most Beautiful Girl is a film that is filled with memorable moments, some funny others, nonetheless all interwoven with authentic emotions and real real human drama. Even though some of the elements may have been taken from other videos (most particularly the longer cooking sequences), this is still a very enjoyable film (and even the brief comical sequences between Jolie and co-star Craig Pelladonna were perfectly done). I especially liked the slow-mo sequences where the couple’s car accident was shot in slow-mo, showing the it seems that natural act of putting out the fire. Of course , you know that accidents can sometimes be just that: spontaneous. But these sequences give the optical illusion of impulsiveness, which is one other way The Most Beautiful Woman succeeds in the film: it creates the feeling which a movie’s occasions may happen even without us being now there.

The most amazing wife is usually one that decides to be amazing, instead of to be a victim of her beauty. The girl with strong and smart and willing to do precisely what best for himself, rather than simply blindly performing what the desires of others might be. No matter whether the film intends to present a romantic look at of relationship life or possibly a more contemporary take on the story of the crime-filled life of a Sicilian family, the film is a great accomplishment and one which I highly recommend. Movie addicts, who want to your life portrayed in this brilliant film, may want to go see The Best Woman.

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