Virtual IBAN provider, electronic re re re payments for e-commerce and B2B merchants

Virtual IBAN provider, electronic re re re payments for e-commerce and B2B merchants

One platform, numerous banking institutions.

What’s Monneo? Monneo is a Virtual IBAN provider, working together with a system of European based banks. Monneo provides e commerce merchants with numerous bank reports at numerous banking institutions. Monneo knows e commerce.

Through our technology platform, we break straight straight straight straight down legacy obstacles and connect online merchants with leading European banking institutions who is able to offer digital IBAN reports and payment that is digital throughout the world.

Several IBANs & worldwide re re re re re payments through one software

Monneo unlocks option for e-commerce merchants. Through just one dependable Monneo user interface, merchants have access to digital IBANs offered through a community of leading European banking institutions that support inbound and outbound worldwide re re re re re payments through:

  • SWIFT multi-currency for worldwide re re payments
  • SEPA Euro in the Euro area
  • GBP Faster Payments and CHAPS in britain
  • FX re re Payments in 134 currencies

Solitary log-in for multi-IBAN reporting

Merchants can monitor and get a grip on use of one log-in to their reporting, even if reports are supplied by numerous banking institutions:

  • Solitary log-in for the view that is complete each of their digital IBAN reports, businesses and teams
  • Assign user that is different to various IBAN’s
  • Set rules at user-level

And a contactless MasterCard

Merchants can request to issue Mastercard that is physical debit to workers so that they can access the business’s funds. To ultimately achieve the lovoo many cashflow that is efficient Monneo determines available funds in line with the merchant’s aggregated balance of all of the their records across every Monneo bank partner.

Services may be arranged in less than one as long as the companies are based in the European Union week.

Merchants can put on straight for virtual IBAN’s through Monneo here. Today Apply

Monneo for lovers

Monneo is a way that is new PSPs, ISOs and Gateway providers to provide electronic banking solutions to online merchants.

The digital IBANs offered to your merchants through Monneo are sourced from the system of leading European banking institutions. All of them are active SWIFT users which means that your merchants will transact with A bic that is live by SWIFT instead of a passive BIC granted by nationwide banking institutions to businesses by having a Payments Institution licence.

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Most frequently expected concerns

What exactly is a Virtual IBAN?

A Virtual IBAN is A iban that is regular operationally. The Virtual IBAN’s issued via Monneo are linked to a safeguarded bank reports breaking up customer funds from Monneo’s very very very very own funds hence securing customer funds all the time.

Who is able to make an application for a Virtual IBAN?

Monneo solutions EEA based, B2B clients (company to company). Monneo will not offer solutions to B2C (company to customer), C2B (client to company) or other banking institutions.

Is the IBAN that is virtual on company’s title?

Yes, the Virtual IBAN is granted to your business, on your own company’s title. Getting funds is always to beneficiary: “Your business title LTD”.

Exactly what are forbidden companies?

Monneo will not accept consumers running in areas such as for instance: cryptocurrency, unregulated forex, unregulated video video video video video gaming, offshore/tax heavens etc. Consumers are evaluated and examined situation by situation by Monneo’s conformity.

Who provides/ problems the Virtual IBAN?

Monneo works closely with a community of banking institutions that issue the Virtual IBAN’s, the IBAN’s you would get are granted by banking institutions which Monneo is with together with.

Can we get yourself a Virtual IBAN from numerous banks?

Yes, based on the enterprize model we might provide you with the matching supporting banks, you may then select with which bank(s) you intend to make use of.

Is Monneo economically regulated?

Yes, Monneo is controlled because of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the uk being an Authorised Payment Institution. Our guide quantity is: 802210.

What’s a safeguarding banking account?

A safeguarding banking account is a free account built to run customer funds just. Customer funds can’t be accessed by any 3rd party and are disconnected from Monneo’s organizations funds. Into the not likely situation of every economic defaults by Monneo, your client funds held within the safeguarding bank account have reached all times guaranteed.

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