6 Internet Sites Like Literotica – Free Erotic Stories Online

6 Internet Sites Like Literotica – Free Erotic Stories Online

Porn is fantastic and all sorts of, but often it’s really a bit that is little. It can all feel rather bleurgh whether it’s a studio-produced porno with impeccable lighting and steroid-pumped models or a shaky handheld iPhone clip of random people shagging in a hotel room.

Although close-up cock-slapping-against-pussy porn has its spot, it is perhaps not what you’d call subtle or erotic.

As a result, many women (and males!) resort to web sites like Literotica which list sexy tales and erotic literature across various groups and niches, whether you’re into incest taboo stories or vanilla romance erotica. Making use of your brain to assume an attractive situation could be incredibly arousing, them ultra-attractive to your personal tastes as you customize the details to make.

What is Literotica?

Literotica may be the web’s many website that is popular free erotic stories online, amassing over 600 million visits per year an average of. The stories are mainly from amateur writers, covering a number of topics such as:

  • Anal intercourse Stories The butt and absolutely nothing but
  • Fetish Stories Feet, panties, food, and other things that are kinky
  • Incest/Taboo Sex Stories maintaining it in the family members
  • Toys and Masturbation Stories Battery-operated veggies, etc.
  • Adult Romance Stories Drama, love, danger, and happily-ever-afters

The site has a horrendously dated Craigslist-esque design which harkens back to the early ‘90s at the dawn of the internet despite its strong reputation and popularity. I’m sure that many users don’t care, but I believe that the layout of the website is terrible! All it offers to do is display text, I guess.

Literotica has recently expanded to add a section for erotic sound clips, images, toys, videos, personals adverts, chatrooms, and even live webcams with camboys and camgirls of most sizes and shapes.