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Rent your car by us when you aren’t using it and earn more than you imagine.

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ALISHA TRANSPORT SERVICES is committed to respecting and safeguarding your privacy in accordance to the data protection laws.

Terms & Conditions.   
  • Listing your car is 100% FREE and there are no membership fees
  • It’s your car, so we will discuss with you when it’s rented and who rents it.
  • GPS tracker can be fitted to your car for extra peace of mind.
  • ALISHA TRANSPORT SERVICES will act as a facilitator to rent your car to third party customers as per the pricing plan that is mentioned in our website. ALISHA TRANSPORT SERVICES will charge 15% service charge from the rental fees.
  • We take care of all payments for you.
  • ALISHA TRANSPORT SERVICES will transfer the rental fees to car owner’s nominated bank account in due time.
  • ALISHA TRANSPORT SERVICES will inform the car owner about the car renter information (name, mobile number, address) via email which has been collected during the booking.
  • ALISHA TRANSPORT SERVICES will not be liable for any kind of road accident.
  • ALISHA TRANSPORT SERVICES should not be held responsible if the renter carry any illegal arms, drug or alcohol and any other forbidden goods in the rental vehicle.