Alisha Transport Services is designed to give you all the advantages of a premium car for an extended period of time. We are here to make you cozy and efficient in your traveling expeditions. Whether you seek for Long term monthly car rentals; we have the best plans for you.

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Model Year: 2011-14
Rent: 55,000 BDT
Model Year: 2011-14
Rent: 65,000 BDT
Model Year: 2011-14
Rent: 70,000 BDT
Model Year: 2015-17
Rent: 1,80,000 BDT

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Working days will be 26 days for a month considering Friday/Saturday off. 
  2. After 26 days, each extra day of that month will be charged as daily basis. 
  3. After 10 hours of duty, driver’s overtime needed to be paid by the renter. 
  4. Driver lunch allowance and if duty goes above 9PM then dinner allowance needs to be paid by the renter. 
  5. Fuel Cost (CNG/Octane/Mobil): Renter will bear the total fuel cost by themselves or can pay us per kilometer wise. Rate will be as per market standard. 
  6. Renter has to pay for minimum 20 liters of octane every month for starting and switching off the car. 
  7. Daily vehicle usage log sheet will be maintained and renter has to give signature at the end of the day. 
  8. Renter will pay all Bridge Tolls/Ferry/Parking Charges.
  9. This rental car will be used for travelling inside and nearby Dhaka city. 
  10. In case of traveling outside of Dhaka city, need to discuss according to maidthis franchise with the car rental company. Price will vary in this case. In that situation, the renter will take the responsibility for the safety and security of the vehicle.
  11. In case of traveling outside of Dhaka city, Renter will bear the Driver tour allowance Tk.1200 per day.
  12. We cannot provide the car during the time of political strike and Natural disaster. 
  13. Payment will not be affected or reduced for political strike and Natural disaster. It will remain same. 
  14. Payment Method: All Payment must be cleared between 7th days of the running month through cheque or Pay order or bank draft in favor of ALISHA TRANSPORT SERVICES
  15. Security Deposit: upon discussion 
  16. Cancelation Notice Period: One month
  17. Security deposit will be returned if cancel the subscription at least one month notice
  18. This rate is including driver’s salary.
  19. This rate is excluding all local VAT and Taxes.
  20. Government holiday will be treated as off day.
  21. Eid holiday: 3 to 5 days. As per Govt. rule. 
  22. Road tax, fitness renew, maintenance or any kind of repairing cost will be beard by CAR owner.
  23. This rate includes no insurance coverage for the passengers. 
  24. This car will be driven by Alisha Transport Services designated driver. 
  25. This vehicle will be parked at night Alisha Transport Services designated parking area.
  26. Upon discussion can be parked at renter’s place. In that situation, the renter will take the responsibility for the safety and security of the vehicle.
  27. Renter has to pay for the Parking Kilometer. (Garage to your office & vice versa) 
  28. The CAR will carry only the Passengers & their Luggage and will not carry any Contraband Items, heavy materials or Oily/Dirty things.
  29. If any illegal goods are found in renter’s luggage’s then Alisha Transport Services, this car and owner of this car will not be responsible. Renter has to take all liabilities.

Note: Package price will be slightly differ for old to new model.

Model Year: 2011-14
Rent: 70,000 BDT
Model Year:2011-14
Rent: 75,000 BDT
Model Year: 2012-15
Rent: 1,40,000 BDT